• 1998 - Pack of Lies

    0052771_pack_of_lies_175PACK OF LIES by Hugh Whitemore

    The Jacksons are a nice middle-aged English couple. Their best friends are their Canadian neighbours, the Krogers. All is blissful in their world until a detective from Scotland Yard asks to use their house as an observation station to try and foil a Soviet spy ring operating in the area. The Jacksons become more and more put out as Scotland Yard's demands on them increase. They are really put to the test when the detective reveals that the spies are the Krogers and he asks them to help set a trap. Should they betray their friends?

  • 1999 - Bad Day at Black Frog Creek

    0021445_bad_day_at_black_frog_creek_175BAD DAY AT BLACK FROG CREEK by John Gardiner, Andrew Parr, Fiz Coleman

    This Wild West musical is fun for the whole family. The action takes place on Christmas eve in Diamond Tooth Lil's Saloon where all are busy with preparations for a Christmas party (could be changed easily to any holiday). Word comes that a badman and his gang are headed their way. It seems Diamond Tooth Lil helped the bad guy in a robbery years before-- and he's coming for the diamond she has! This ingenious show may be produced straight forwardly, or you might want to include the audience by making your whole theatre into Diamond Lil's Saloon.


  • 1999 - Trivial Pursuits

    0021854_trivial_pursuits_175TRIVIAL PURSUITS by Frank Vickery

    A summer evening's barbecue is the setting for a meeting of the Trealaw and District Operatic Society. Next season's play is to be announced but Nick, the society's business manager, has promised a different show and the plum roles to four different people. As the evening progresses each character's foibles and talents are revealed: Joyce, once talented and well meaning, is a lush; Teddy is alternately sweet and strident; Derek is pathetic but lovable. The complex relationships between players emerge as moments of pure slapstick and farce alternate with ones full of real drama and pathos. Not every hitch is resolved, but at the end of this exploration, by turns ironic and serious, of the joys and heartaches of amateur theatrics, the society is intact and its members ready for another season of testing the magic and artifice that is theatre.

  • 2001 - Blithe Spirit

    0051577_blithe_spirit_300BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward

    The smash comedy hit of the London and Broadway stages, this much-revived classic from the playwright of Private Lives offers up fussy, cantankerous novelist Charles Condomine, re-married but haunted (literally) by the ghost of his late first wife, the clever and insistent Elvira who is called up by a visiting “happy medium,” one Madame Arcati. As the (worldly and un-) personalities clash, Charles’ current wife, Ruth, is accidentally killed, “passes over,” joins Elvira, and the two “blithe spirits” haunt the hapless Charles into perpetuity.

  • 2002 - It Could Be Any One Of Us

    0052767_it_could_be_any_one_of_us_175IT COULD BE ANY ONE OF US by Alan Ayckbourn

    A thunderstorm. In a windswept country house a family of failures wrangles over a will: a detective who has never solved a case; a writer, an artist and a composer whose works have never been published, shown or performed, and a dysfunctional teenager. Here are the prime ingredients for a murder mystery, but this diversion is by Alan Ayckbourne and it has a number of surprises. The victim is not who it should be, the murder's identity changes overnight and the thrills are leavened with tongue-in-cheek humour and ironic comment.

  • 2004 - Fool's Paradise

    0022717_fools_paradise_175FOOL’s PARADISE by Peter Coke

    Jane and Catherine have an antique cluttered house, unpaid bills, and a memory of marriage to the same man, now deceased. His will states they can live in the house if they don't sell its contents. They discover some jewels and a wily antique dealer gets them to accept a down payment and from then on everything they do to rectify matters gets them in deeper. The dealer's check is sent to one of their many creditors, The Revenue Service, and they accept money from a lady to pay back the dealer. When the dealer returns he tricks them again with another check as a "deposit" on the furniture. Then another woman claims the jewels. With mounting illegalities, Jane impersonates a third wife of the deceased. The dealer is about to call the police when the other two women re-enter, bidding so furiously for the jewels that the price they fetch gets Jane and Catherine well out of debt.

  • 2007 - Twelfth Man

    0021109_300TWELFTH MAN by H Connolly

    When Tetford cricket team are faced with the unexpected challenge of the all women national team their reactions are hardly encouraging. However, despite intrigue and trickery from the Tetford team, the women win the day, calling for some rethinking on the men’s part.

  • 2009 - The Weekend

    0021326_weekend_the_175THE WEEKEND by Michael Palin

    Faced with a family gathering, world-weary Stephen Febble does his best to be difficult. When his daughter, her dreary husband Alan, their precocious child and - not least - the dog come to stay for the weekend it's enough to make him reach for the whisky, and for the sarcasm. The climax arrives on Saturday night when his patient wife Virginia has laid on a dinner party and the chiropodist comes too.

    The Weekend had its first West End production at the Strand Theatre, London in 1994.

  • 2015 - Beauty & the Beast

    Ben CrockerBEAUTY & THE BEAST a pantomime by Ben Crocker

    A superb script. Packed with humour and new invention. The dame appears briefly in drag – as a man! The audience fall in love with a fast talking French poodle. Simple staging, lots of opportunities for Chorus work and a compelling relationship between Beauty and her Beast.

  • 2015 - Bone Chiller

    0004104_bone_chiller_175BONE CHILLER by Monk Ferris

    Thirteen people gather on Friday the 13th at the Travers mansion in New York for the reading of Josiah's will, which is a wall chart rendered in the form of a rebus (a part word, part drawing puzzle) that almost defies solution. Instead of designating an heir, it offers the estate to anyone who can solve the will! The lights keep going out and people keep getting murdered. The audience will have a ball trying to untangle the puzzle faster than the hapless characters. By the final act, revelations are exploding as surprise piles upon surprise and gasps alternate with howls of laughter.


  • 2016 - Best of British


    0052738_visit_from_miss_prothero_a_175A VISIT FROM MISS PROTHERO by Alan Bennett

    • Mr. Dodsworth has recently retired. Sitting at home, he is contemplating his life and achievements with quiet satisfaction. There is a sharp ring at the door. His former secretary has come to ruin it all. Ironic wit and compassion mark this touchingly real story.

    0004077_fumed_oak_175FUMED OAK by Noel Coward

    • One of the "Tonight At 8:30" series, produced in London and New York. In the middle class drawing room of amiable and hard working Henry Gow passes most of the family life surrounding his harridan wife Doris, his brat daughter Elise, and his complaining mother in law Mrs. Rockett. But Henry is a turned worm when he comes home with a couple of drinks under his belt and a new courage. So he reveals his plans for escape, his long time saving which now makes it possible for him to leave. He vows never to see his family again, jauntily leaves, and saucily slams the door.

    0020562_175KNIGHTSBRIDGE by John Mortimer

    • Francesca brings her lover, Henry, to her mother's flat to announce their intention to get married. While waiting for Mrs Stokes, Francesca answers a mysterious phone call. From what he overhears, Henry concludes that Mrs Stokes is a member of the oldest profession.
  • 2017 - Hotel Mystere

    0021419_hotel_mystre_175HOTEL MYSTERE  by Bettine Manktelow

    It’s a bad day for David Richmond and his team at the hotel, Tony the barman, porter Sean, barmaid Tanya and ditzy waitress Lucy.  First, there’s a fussy, demanding customer to contend with, and then Russian mafioso Boris Barushnikov checks in, apparently convinced Tanya is prepared to offer him more than just drinks during his stay. Worst of all, rumours are circulating of a mystery guest who has come to inspect the place. Then Lucy stumbles upon a dead body in the annex ...

    This play was first performed at the Sarah Thorne Memorial Theatre, Broadstairs in May 2012.


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